Sorrento Black Leather Recliner Sofa

Size: 3+2 Seater
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Comfort and longevity are the mainstays of this model - this sofa has it all. A recliner with two centre consoles that provide the support of armrests and the convenience of cup holders – what more could you ask for?

It is upholstered in Premium Aire Leather which is high quality and long-lasting substance that is breathable and covered in a protective coating to maintain suppleness.

The reclining systems of this black Aire leather sofa are high-quality and built to last. This model also comes with two centre consoles that can be lowered to used as armrests, and to hold drinks. What you’ll find exceptionally comfortable about this sofa is the upholstery in Aire leather which has both breathability and durability.

Aire Leather is not only a quality replacement for leather, but it’s very resilient and does not crack. It’s the ideal leather for those who want the positives of leather but don’t want to buy leather as it goes against their morals to do so – for example, for religious reasons, vegans, and animal lovers.

Who would love this Sorrento Black Aire Leather Corner Sofa with Armrests and Cupholder

More like, who would not love this beautiful sofa? The Sorrento black Aire leather recliner sofa comes fits snugly into the corner and is ideal for daily use. If you choose this style, you absolutely will not be disappointed with the relaxation levels that you’ll enjoy from the Sorrento.

What do our customers say they love about the Sorrento Black Aire Leather Corner Sofa with Armrests and Cupholders?

If you’re one of our customers, you’ll already be aware that we like you to give us feedback so that we can continue to offer you products that you love. With this sofa, we have already received many positive remarks from buyers.

Our customers have indicated to us that they love the following features of this model:

  • Aire leather is terrific. It’s the first time I’ve come across it, but I can see the value in it. It’s long-lasting and does not crack.
  • This is a spacious sofa, and this means that we can all sit together as a family; nobody has to sit on a dining chair or the floor. It’s great.


At Sofas & Beds, we enjoy offering a wide range of sofas that are designed for daily use. We aim to ensure that you have what you need to enjoy time spent at home.

What else do you need to know about Sorrento Black Aire Leather Corner Sofa with Armrests and Cupholders?

There’s no doubt about it, but the Sorrento black Aire leather recliner is designed to be durable. It’s one of those sofa models that you’re still going to be enjoying years down the line. It’s excellent for use in the living room, in the home cinema or the media room. Sometimes landlords buy them for us for their properties as their tenants love them!

With thick padded cushions, comfort goes through the roof!

Whether you’ve got friends or family visiting, or you just want to enjoy the entire sofa to yourself with your favourite beverage and a snack, you’re going to love what this model offers.

Key features

  • Upholstered in a Premium Aire leather
  • 2 stage recliner mechanism aimed to reach the highest level of comfort
  • Drop-down centre seat tray with 4 cup holders
  • Modern, luxury, and multifunctional design
  • Medium firmness
  • Reinforced durable frame
  • Arrives packaged and protected

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